The Little Lemon Tree That Stood!


My nature story The Little Lemon Tree That Stood! has just been released in soft cover printed form. It is an A4 book printed on high-quality recycled Matte paper and contains many colour illustrations. It is aimed at 8-9 year olds and young-at-heart adults.

The setting of the story is a suburban garden in Cape Town, yet could be anywhere with a similar climate. It endeavours to portray the coexistence of nature and the ” people of the house” through the eyes and ears of an unusually astute lemon tree. It hints at underlying mysteries of our everyday existence as experienced and observed by the inimitable lemon tree and its muse, who share their observations.
It shows us our interconnectedness as it takes us through the seasons and relates it to a wider context. It teaches us that if we take note we are rewarded with new insights.